2021..So What Will Happen Now?

Well…2020 has not lived up to my expectations. Back in January I wrote a blog about how this year was going to be MY year, the year things would get accomplished. The year I would become a brand new version of myself. Started off great, but then the “virus that shall not be named” showed up and reared its ugly head. I looked back over said blog. Wow! A brand new me? Could I have been more wrong?  https://notmyparents60.com/a-brand-new-me-well-i-hope-so/ So, what will happen in 2021?

What Is Happening?

Now to be fair, most of us probably had some good intentions regarding the beginning of a new decade. It seemed appealing, you know? 2020. Sounded like it should be a brand new fresh start in many ways. Well that soured pretty quickly.  Here we are ten months in and what have I managed to do that I promised myself I would this year?  Zilch, nada, nothing. 

Day to day routines are different now.  We go out with half our faces covered just to buy milk. We can’t just waltz into a restaurant or bar for a casual evening of fun with others. Nay, nay. We now have to weigh the odds of a night out and wonder if it is worth the risk. Being a complete hockey nerd, I watched my favourite sport being played without any fans in the building, just canned crowd noises. Um, not right. And who knows what the upcoming season will bring. My granddaughter started grade one having to wear a mask. Will this become a normal thing for her? 

What Happens Now?

So the question is, now what? We have two months left of this blasted year and many of us are hoping that 2021 will be much better. So what will happen in 2021? Realistically that damn virus will not be going away anytime soon. But we have been dealing with it for the last eight months and while we may not like it, it has somehow become a part of our daily lives in some way, shape or form.  And it wasn’t all bad. My grandson was born as were many other ‘pandemic babies’, proving that there is still hope. So with this thought planted firmly in my brain, what to do with 2021? 

After much hand wringing and consternation, the conclusion was reached. The coming year is still a new year, with its own set of challenges to be sure, but a new start nonetheless. I read an article in the Washington post that summed it all up for me. 


Believe It Will Happen

With that in mind I once again sat down with my wiser, savvier self and asked the burning question. What will happen in 2021? Can I have a successful and happy year even with all the turmoil in the world right now? The answer was a resounding yes! Here’s the thing. We had no idea that 2020 was going to turn into  such a crapshoot, right? Has it been bad? Hell yeah, we have been thrown for a loop. Some of us more than others. But we have been living a different life for awhile now and we have learned much. Granted, we do not yet have a vaccine or anyway to vanquish this cursed virus, but we do, for the most part, know how to proceed in our everyday lives, albeit a very different life. 

I look at it this way. 2020 has shown us that we can’t take life for granted. The whole world has been forever changed and we have to learn from this experience. Speaking for myself, I decided that I have to start actually  taking life one day at a time. So cliche, I know but also true. I know how to go out and do things in a new way now. Yes I wear the mask, yes I social distance, and yes I am more aware of my surroundings than I was before. Sometimes we take a step forward, then two steps back and it is very frustrating, but we are learning. I am hopeful that a day will come when we are less in need of these mindful things we have to consider each day now. That the day will come when things are back to “normal”.

Life Still Happens

We only have one go round in this life, an allotted amount of time. I am no way downplaying the severity of what we are going through. So many people have lost their lives or have been forever changed by this virus, but I refuse to live in fear anymore. I will do all I can to keep myself and those around me safe, but I think I can also look forward to 2021 with an open mind. Will it be different? Sure. But aren’t things always changing to some degree? 

I am giving myself the next two months to figure out what I want out of the new year. Will I keep writing this blog? Will I bring my Life Coaching business out of mothballs? Or will I try something completely new. Possibilities are endless even during a pandemic. 

So let me try this again. What will happen in 2021? I will look forward to this next year and not backward on this one. Maybe what I was hoping for in 2020 will materialize in 2021. Who knows? A brand new me…part two.

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