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Ageless Media is a collaborative partnership between Oklahoma Senior Journal, Second Half Expo, and TruLata Solutions. Each piece aims to grow and expand on the expertise and skills needed in the senior business industry. 

The Oklahoma Senior Journal was established in 1998.

Roughly 25 years ago, we discovered the vast amount of information —and misinformation— about caring for an elderly family member was very difficult to navigate. As a family, you may experience many trials and errors to find solutions that best fit your needs. That is why the Oklahoma Senior Journal became Robin Gunns life work and mission to help others avoid some of the pitfalls and confusion that arises with aging.

Second Half Expo

An Oklahoma City expo and trade show that focuses on products and services that support people in the second half of life.

TruLata Solutions

TruLata Solutions is a digital marketing agency that has helped over 100 clients throughout the US and the world tackle their online marketing needs.

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Meet the people responsible for bringing you quality content for the second half of life:

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