Evidence-Based Program: Bingocize®

Bingocize® strategically combines the game of bingo, exercise, and/or health education. Trained lay leaders may select between three separate 10-week units that focus on exercise-only, exercise and falls prevention, or exercise and nutrition. Each unit includes a leader’s script for each session and participants’ materials.  Groups of participants play Bingocize® twice per week, with each 45-60 minute session consisting of exercises (range of motion, balance, muscle strengthening, and endurance exercises) and/or health education questions. The program can be delivered using a traditional bingo game along with printed curriculum lay leader and participants’ materials or lay leaders and participants can use a mobile app to play Bingocize® in-person or remotely.    

Note: Track health promotion program guidance during COVID-19 regularly for updates to program implementation and training options. Programs traditionally implemented in-person may be temporarily allowable by telephone or online.

  • Target audience: The program targets sedentary, older adults at all physical and mental ability levels in a variety of settings including certified nursing facilities, assisted living, independent living, and community senior centers.
  • Health outcomes:
    • Improved lower/upper body strength, gait, balance, and range of motion,
    • Improved aspects of cognition (executive function),
    • Increased social engagement,
    • Improved knowledge of falls risk reduction and nutrition
    • Improved patient activation.
  • Delivered by: Trained Lay Leader
  • Program type: Group
  • Format: In-Person or online
  • Length: 11 or more sessions
  • Professional required: No
  • Accessibility adaptations available: No
  • Cultural adaptations available: No
  • Available in languages other than English: Spanish (Other languages to come in future)
  • Topic(s):
    • Alzheimer’s Disease/Dementia
    • Falls Prevention
    • Nutrition
    • Physical Activity

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