Evidence-Based Program: Tai Chi Prime

Tai Chi Prime is a six-week class series proven to reduce the risk of falling. Classes feature instruction in tai chi and qi gong basics, home practice coaching, home practice, and exercises to embed into activities of daily living. 

Note: Track health promotion program guidance during COVID-19 regularly for updates to program implementation and training options. Programs traditionally implemented in-person may be temporarily allowable by telephone or online.

  • Target audience: Community-dwelling older adults (65+ years) with an expressed fear of falling or a fall within the past year. Participants participate without an assistive device (e.g. cane, walker scooter) and have enough cognitive skills to follow class instruction and home practice recommendations.
  • Health outcomes:
    • Leg strength
    • Tandem balance
    • Mobily and gait
    • Balance confidence
    • Executive function (cognition)
  • Delivered by: Community Leader, Health care providers
  • Program type: Group
  • Format: In-person in community
  • Length: 11 or more sessions (12)
  • Training: In-person
  • Professional required: No
  • Accessibility adaptations available: Yes, optional side support is available at all training sessions
  • Cultural adaptations available: No
  • Available in languages other than English: No
  • Topic(s):
    • Falls Prevention (evidence-based)
    • Behavioral Health
    • Pain Management
    • Physical Activity

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