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An estimated 20 million Americans are living with chronic pain due to neuropathy. Nerve Renewal Neuropathy Clinic, helps Oklahomans renew their quality of life through proven nerve pain treatments that provide safe and effective relief. At Nerve Renewal, their mission is to help Oklahomans reduce neuropathy pain and regain healthy feeling in their feet and hands so that they can walk with confidence, sleep without restlessness, and reclaim their joy, mobility, and independence. Nerve Renewal’s goal is to get the word out and make this treatment known to all who are suffering from the affliction of neuropathy.

A Vision for the Future

Tim Bales, CEO and Director of Business Development of Nerve Renewal Neuropathy Clinic in Oklahoma City, recognized the need for chronic nerve damage and pain treatment in Oklahoma because of a chance encounter with an acquaintance who had received this fairly unknown treatment for nerve pain. This procedure had been around for many years but was sadly rarely used in Oklahoma. Based on the encouraging testimony regarding the benefits of the treatment, Bales saw the great potential to help others in the community who are afflicted with this chronic ailment using this promising procedure. He clearly understood that the need would be very extensive, and there were not many dedicated clinics offering this service at the time. Bales’ vision for Nerve Renewal Neuropathy Clinic is derived from his sincere interest to see the Oklahomans have access to this innovative treatment for neuropathy.

Groundbreaking Beginning

As a successful business man for 30 plus years, Bales set out to establish a facility for those suffering from neuropathy; and in March of 2022, Nerve Renewal Neuropathy Clinic opened its doors to the public in Oklahoma City. Because this facility opened after the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Bales was able to implement various safety protocols and precautions to ensure the safety and comfort of patients and staff.

Focusing on our Seniors

While the treatments offered for neuropathic pain at Nerve Renewal are available to all who seek relief, seniors are one of the key reasons for their passionate focus on making sure that their services are easily accessible. For the convenience of seniors and their family members, Nerve Renewal offers extended hours to provide better accessibility for treatment. Treatments at Nerve Renewal are Medicare and VA approved. They want to provide the chance for every senior in need of pain relief from neuropathy to have the opportunity to regain more independence and return to the life they want.

One particular concern that Bales had was regarding neuropathy patients who operate vehicles on a regular basis, often unaccompanied. Their safety can be a concern, depending on the severity of the patient’s condition. In some cases, neuropathic pain may even render driving impossible. Afflicted seniors especially may need help with transportation to receive treatment; therefore, Nerve Renewal wants family members to be able to easily utilize their services to assist their loved one. Bales said, “We are dedicated to help our seniors by ensuring them that they would have easy access to a convenient location.” He expressed that the need to expand and assist seniors suffering with neuropathy is currently one of their priorities. Fortunately, there are plans in the works to open two new facilities, one in South West Oklahoma City and the other in Midwest City by the end of 2022.

Well-trained, Quality Medical Professionals

All of the medical staff go through extensive training led by Scoglietti who provides several weeks of instruction and demonstrations. This includes shadowing and hands-on oversight for each patient treatment. Scoglietti is committed to helping patients receive effective treatment, in addition to developing more medical professionals with the skills to effectively treat neuropathy. Due to the quality of care and beneficial treatments at the clinic, Scoglietti’s mother, a senior who  suffers from neuropathy, will be moving from Florida to Oklahoma to begin her treatment plan with Nerve Renewal.

A Warm, Inviting Environment to Receive the Highest Quality of Care

It has always been essential to Bales to employ people with experience in neurology who prefer to work in a smaller setting.  Their employees should be personable, relatable, and able to connect with the patients during their visits. “We want our patients to feel welcomed and comfortable with our staff when they come in for treatment,” Bales explained. With this in mind, Nerve Renewal was fortunate to find a great medical leader for the team, APRN-CNP Certified Lea Scoglietti. Scoglietti has a background in neurology for inpatient and outpatient procedures, including six years of experience with those afflicted with neuropathic pain. She has a great ability to connect with each patient and put them at ease during their treatment. She is passionate about helping patients find relief from their pain and a new hope to return to the life they want.

Has Neuropathy Derailed Your Life?

Bales explains, “Chronic pain from neuropathy has touched all of our lives in one way or another by either personal experience or knowing someone who has suffered with it.” A basic understanding of neuropathy is that it is a disorder of the peripheral nerves, which connect the spinal cord to the muscles, skin, and internal organs. Neuropathy usually affects the hands and feet and causes weakness, numbness, tingling, and pain. People may also report burning sensations, leg cramps, loss of balance, muscle weakness, and sensitivity to touch. Neuropathy may come and go, progress over time, or even become severe and debilitating.  Dealing with the pain is unrelenting, and those with this pain often lack confidence while moving around the house or going outside. Remarkably, after beginning treatments, patients quickly start to notice significant improvements in quality of restorative sleep and their abilities to perform daily activities. Bales adds, “Regaining the feeling in the appendages allows them to reclaim their confidence, and they are able to return to the life they desire.”

Synapse and Neuron cells sending electrical chemical signals

A New and Innovative Treatment Solution

According to the article “Neuropathy Pain Treatments using Electroanalgesia (EA)” by Neuro Med (lunabeckmd.com/neuropathicreatment), studies show that 80% of patients experience a long-term reduction in pain without surgery or medication through the use of proven Electroanalgesia treatments, which offer pain relief by using specialized electromagnetic fields. These currents block the pain signal in the affected part of the body, providing lasting relief.

Traditional neuropathy treatments, such as surgery and strong pain medications, can have a severe impact on patients’ long-term health. Too many people have been told there is nothing that can be done for their pain, numbness, and tingling due to their neuropathy. Often, they have been prescribed medications that only numb the pain but rarely lead to complete recovery or normal sensitivity. Electroanalgesia treatments reduce pain without the drawbacks of invasive procedures or addictive medications. This treatment addresses the pain symptoms directly, rather than masking them through drug treatments.

To the benefit of many, Electroanalgesia is available at Nerve Renewal Neuropathy Clinic. The clinic specializes in using Electroanalgesia to treat nerve pain (shoulders, knees and back), peripheral neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy, and chemotherapy-induced neuropathy (CIPN). Treatments at Nerve Renewal reduce the symptoms of nerve damage and restore the ability to perform daily activities.

What to Expect

The initial consultation consists of a one-on-one conversation with a medical team member to discuss the need for treatment. Nerve Renewal then creates a customized long-term treatment plan for reducing pain. Scoglietti explains that she and the medical team work with each patient to determine the best course of action by tailoring therapy sessions to address the individual’s specific issues. After this thorough initial assessment, treatment is initiated. The patient is treated while seated on a comfortable recliner. The medical professional places suction cups on the affected area, and the procedure begins. According to Scoglietti, “The procedure is essentially painless; however, during the course of treatment, a patient may experience a slight pins and needles sensation.” The intensity can be regulated to minimize any discomfort. The typical duration of a treatment session is 30 minutes. Remarkably, there is no recovery downtime, so the patient can resume their normal day.

Duration of Treatment

At Nerve Renewal, patients generally receive 12-24 treatments over a 5-12 week period. For the best possible outcome, it is important that the patients complete the full course as recommended since the effects are cumulative. If deemed necessary, exercise routines are recommended to supplement the therapy at home. Most patients notice a remarkable difference after the second treatment and often continue to see favorable results over time. Typically, a patient is required to receive treatments twice a week for a total of 12 weeks. One aspect of the treatment plan may include a weekly balance test to assess the level of improvement. Scoglietti says, “The treatment timeline is adjusted based on the patient’s needs because the procedure is not a permanent cure but is more of an ongoing maintenance therapy.”

Receiving Treatment at Nerve Renewal Neuropathy Clinic

Mobility, Freedom, Hope and Nerve Renewal

Nerve Renewal provides one of the best options to treat neuropathic pain for seniors. They want to provide the best quality care and treatment and are passionate about facilitating a change for the better in their patients and their quality of life.  To better help seniors in the community, Nerve Renewal is routinely seeking guidance and mentorship from the local nonprofit organization, Villages OKC. They find a deep connection with their mission to help seniors live life with minimal assistance, and they are excited about this shared priority with Villages OKC. Nerve Renewal feels their missions are seamless, and it is their desire to gain experience, knowledge, and mentorship from Villages OKC. Nerve Renewal’s representatives participate in Villages OKC’s conferences to promote this pain management initiative, to help our seniors remain as independent as possible as they age.

Live Your Life Pain Free and Live Your Life RENEWED

There is no reason to continue living with this debilitating affliction. Nerve Renewal has found a solution to help you live your best life and engage in a wide array of normal daily activities with minimal to no discomfort due to neuropathic pain. Nerve Renewal Neuropathy Clinic is an excellent service provider for seniors and anyone needing relief and treatment for neuropathic pain. If you or a loved one are enduring life with neuropathy, please let Nerve Renewal be your family’s solution to this problem. Ditch the pain, regain full mobility, and recapture your zest for life!

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