How Seniors Can Trust They’ve Found a Reputable Roofer

A lot of companies say they specialize in working with seniors. But Dennis Helm, Owner of Smooth Finish Roofing & Construction…has Proven it Since 1987!! Dennis has been a Senior Advocate for as long as he’s been the business owner of Smooth Finish.  He came about this from a place of caring for those who were & are vulnerable to scammers. This Came about due to difficulties faced as a child of a Single Mother.


How Smooth Finish has helped Seniors 


For Seniors who are staying in their home, Smooth Finish can Upgrade most all desired Home improvements starting with “A good Roof over their Head.” We have also worked successfully with All Insurance Companies.


In homes of seniors who want or need to age in place…Smooth Finish can also help with other Repairs, Restorations and Aging in Place modifications.  Besides Roofing, Smooth Finish Provides…

  1. Exterior:  Roofing,  Siding, Carpentry, Windows/Doors, Guttering, Garage Doors, Fence, Painting, and more
  2. Interior:   Ceiling repairs, (Leak Repairs) Mitigation, Texturing, painting, flooring, carpentry, and more


As a Licensed* General Contractor…..We manage the process of bringing in Licensed Trades:  sync as Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, etc.


If moving into a senior living center and are needing to sell their home, they may likely need a new roof &/or other repairs. This is Where our Free Advisory Scope Consultation, Inspections & Estimate(s) helps create Priority List(s). Smooth Finish does excellent work at a fair price, so your home can pass all the inspections required for a sale. Smooth Finish is not only certified & licensed* for Roofing of Residential homes but also Senior Living Facilities.


Owner Dennis Helm— a True & Proven Senior Advocate. With his sincere desire to help seniors, Dennis always works to encourage people to use only local, licensed, and insured roofing contractors with hundreds of verifiable references. There are just too many terrible stories of things going wrong when people don’t. “I’ve heard it many, many times,” Dennis says, “most people don’t trust roofers” That’s understandable… Our industry there are a lot of… fly-by-night roofers. They come in town, start a ‘company,’ get magnets on their car, (405) phone Numbers and in 24 hours they look like a legitimate business. But they’re not.”


Undesirable scammers always rush into town after a storm has hit to solicit people who need roofing services. These unscrupulous “companies” many times will claim to be local, even though they’re not, and may go to great lengths to look like hometown guys. We have had to replace many roofs installed incorrectly over 35 Years. Dennis tells about having a man from out of town contact him after a bad storm hit the Oklahoma City area. He wanted to “buy” the Smooth Finish company name, and use Dennis’s address and phone number for six months. He offered a Great price, too! He wanted to appear to be a local, established company when soliciting roof jobs.


Dennis warns people to not be fooled! 


“I wasn’t about to go for that deal, but other companies will.” He continues, “I want people with roofing needs in OKC to rest at ease. I want them to know that when they use Smooth Finish Roofing & Construction, they’re getting an honest, proven reputable company. I’m a lifelong resident and have Over  35 years expertise in this business.”


Ask for license numbers and for references, and then check them out! Dennis explains that reputable roofers live and work in the same city where their business is located.


“We don’t go out of town, except for our previous and existing customers. There is always more than enough work for us here in the 620 square miles of Oklahoma City.” Your Family, Friends or clients will thank you for a Smooth Finish recommendation.


You can feel confident in recommending Smooth Finish Roofing & Construction to Family Friends or clients you’re helping. For the homeowner, Dennis can work on the rooftop, the floor, and everything in between. He’s a licensed General Contractor thru the City of Oklahoma City* and has been in business for 35 years.


Since 1987, Dennis has been helping customers with decisions concerning their homes. Many times, he’s found simple solutions for complex problems. He works to keep costs fair and reasonable, and lives by the Smooth Finish Motto: “Where quality craftsmanship meets fair pricing.” Give Dennis a call on his personal cell phone at (405-923-5127).


“We are proud of and enjoy our solid reputation. We enjoy serving Seniors, Military, 1st Responders and Single  Mothers—and we only move forward with a job….when you’re comfortable.”

Why Choose Smooth Finish: 


  1. State of Oklahoma Construction Industries Board   # CIB  80000242
  2. City of Oklahoma City General Contractor license  # OKC  13705
  3. For 35 yrs. Smooth Finish has helped customers determine priority list(s) of what needs to be done to sell/improve their home….What do Homebuyers see @ “curb appeal” & what do they see when they 1st open the front door??
  4. Smooth Finish Roofing Purchases from a LOCAL Roofing Supplier to ensure Profit Proceeds “Stay in Oklahoma”


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