Planning to Age Well at Spanish Cove

What is a Life Care Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC)?

Spanish Cove is a Life Care CCRC which means they offer Independent Living with the availability of Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled and Long-Term Nursing Care, and Home Health Care for residents. In other words, Independent Living residents are guaranteed to have unlimited, on-site care for the rest of their lives. There is a monthly fee and an entry fee. The entry fee is essentially what reserves and guarantees each resident care for the rest of their life no matter what the future holds. Jill Huff, Marketing Director, explains, “It’s like a form of long-term care insurance in a way. Over time, costs can average out to an inexpensive alternative to staying at home, especially if higher levels of care are used.” Higher levels of care such as assisted living, nursing care or memory care can become quite draining financially. Jill encourages people to make a plan before a crisis happens. She also frequently presents seminars such as, “How to Pay for Senior Living” which cover opportunities for savings such as Veteran benefits,  Long-Term Care insurance or Native American benefits to name a few.


Moving to a Life Care Retirement Community could make sense from a tax perspective because of the IRS’s provision which allows residents to deduct portions of monthly service fees and entrance fees in connection with Life Care residency. Selecting a Life Care contract can provide substantial “medical expense” deductions.


It is important to note a person must move in to Spanish Cove at the Independent Living level. This ensures that community costs stay lower and residents are guaranteed the financial protection and superior care of a worry-free environment offered by the “Life Care Advantage.”

Continuing to Grow

Expansion is underway! This summer, Spanish Cove’s Phase I was completed by adding 23 more Assisted Living and Memory Care suites, 20 skilled nursing rooms, and two basements to be used as storm shelters.


Phase II is in the works and offers a brand new Independent Living building with an underground parking garage, two new dining venues in the building, and a new state-of-the-art wellness center, along with beautiful common areas. Every apartment will have a balcony and personal storage. Currently, Spanish Cove has 217 Independent Living apartments and cottages.


Phase II has a Priority List of soon-to-be residents, and already has reservations to fill over 50% of the new building! Priority List members are currently giving input on designs and plans.


A fully refundable Priority Deposit of $1,000 will hold a potential resident’s spot on the Priority Reservation List.


Contingent upon completion and acceptance to Spanish Cove, this reservation will ensure:


  • Top choice of floor plans
  • Selection of amenities and finishes to the residence
  • Top choice of location
  • Education Seminars & Events


Spanish Cove encourages its residents to be intellectually, spiritually, and socially active as well as physically. There are many events planned each month at Spanish Cove, and guests are invited to join in along with residents. You can find a complete list of upcoming events by visiting For many, seeing is believing, so the best way to learn about Spanish Cove is to attend an event or schedule a tour. The staff welcomes you to meet them and residents on campus, and experience the Spanish Cove Spirit!


Learn more about the Priority List Benefits for Phase II Independent Living, or schedule a tour by calling Jill at (405) 354-5906.


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