Renewed Hope, Yes I Can, Yes I Will

So here we are! 2021! The dreaded 2020 is finally behind us. And even though we are not out of the proverbial woods yet, there is an optimism in us with the arrival of the vaccine. It will probably take most of the year for all of us to receive it but I now feel a little less tension surrounding my day to day. Renewed hope.

I am sincerely hoping that this will be my last blog post reflecting on or around the subject of the pandemic. Or at the very least on the negative aspect of it. But after looking back on my last post I  felt I needed a closure of sorts.  2021..So What Will Happen Now?

Resolutions and Renewed Hope

Many of us start New Year’s resolutions at the beginning of each new year. Some we keep, most we don’t, but the renewed hope and freshness of the new year inspires us to say “Yes I can” or “Yes I will”  with such determination that we actually believe it.  I am guilty of this almost every year. But this time feels different.

Maybe because I am in my “senior” years I feel energized and have more of a yearning to complete my goals for this year. Does this sound familiar to any of you over 55’s out there? I am sure it is partially due to what we have endured recently, but I am determined to not only start 2021 off right and with a firm mindset, but to continue it after January 31st. ( I am usually gung ho for about a month). But the question is how and what can I do differently?

Rely on the Experts?

The answer, of course, is different for almost everybody. It depends on what these resolutions are and how we actually feel about achieving them. In the past I have eagerly perused articles in a January issue of a favourite magazine or listened to some self help guru waxing poetic on a talk show. I would eat this stuff up. Then I would be ready to go.  Meeting my  goals is on the horizon! On my way to a better me! Success is so close! Then..bam. Down to earth. Nothing gained, back to my regular life and goals be damned. Sound familiar? 

Of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with checking out what others are doing to make and keep new year’s resolutions. Especially experts on the subject, which let’s face it, I am definitely not. Far from it. But what I am an expert on is, well, me! I know from years of experience that I know myself and what I will or will not do. And that’s when the light bulb went off! I have to take my own advice on the subject. I have to take into account what has worked before and what hasn’t. 

This Year Can be Different

Once again I sat down and had a conversation with myself. What do I want to do with 2021? First thing that came to mind was to continue with this blog and see where it can lead. Let’s start with this one thing, go from there. I decided I had to give myself little reminders or boosts about every couple of weeks. On my calendar I put little “push” notes on random days. For instance, on January 12th I gave myself a note saying “time for another blog post, don’t put it off” and I have written similar notes up to March at this point, deciding to just do a couple of months at a time. Much less daunting. I did write a note for December 31, 2021.  It says “Did I do it?”Can I get to this date and say Yes? Well that remains to be seen. But because I am writing this blog and I do have some readers (yay) I feel a little extra desire to push ahead. 

However this is just my two cents to possibly help someone else who might need a little “fist bump” or a virtual “high five” to get themselves going and keep going. This New Year like no other in recent memory is one, in my estimation that needs a boost. Let’s make this one a year to remember for the best of reasons. Renewed hope. Can we do it? Stay tuned.

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