A Brand New Me… Well, I Hope So!

Happy 2020! It’s a brand new year. Time for reflection and time for looking ahead. Because every year brings a promise of hope and.. well ..newness. This is the year things will change. This year I will have a brand new me makeover. This year I will become the best version of me I can be.  Great! And just who might that be…exactly?

Can I Be A Brand New Me?

Right? Don’t a lot of us who are creeping up in years want to change things? Really want the brand new me?  Maybe it’s starting a gym membership, retiring and travelling, learning a new craft or even a new line of work like blogging and life coaching! (Ok that’s me). The point is we have great expectations. Let’s do this! And then we don’t.

Speaking for myself, I start off full of “gung ho” optimism and life changing ideas. This is my year! What is it about December 31st and January 1st that brings out all the energy and joie de vivre. Holiday magic perhaps?  Feelings and emotions are running high and everything seems attainable. Then it’s January 2nd. 

Thud. Back to earth and reality. What was I thinking? Nothing is going to change. Oh sure, I could start something new like one of my resolutions (they never work by the way). Bit by bit all my new found confidence and ready- set- go disappears. Sound familiar?

But This Year….?

But this is a new decade. Even the sound of 2020 has an appealing ring to it. Maybe that is why I put a plan in motion to succeed this year. To make sure I had the brand new me makeover. I sat myself down, literally, and had a discussion with the person I would like to become. I asked her how to get to where she is. Now I know it may sound weird talking to yourself as a whole other being but it does actually help. 

In the past I have always just said yep I am going to do this, without having any real plan, just a few random thoughts in my head. But this year as I spoke to the wiser, more savvy me, I realized that those thoughts in my head would be much better if they were written down. And not just on some scrap of paper.

Bit by Bit

 So I made a flow chart .It started with a box showing the two things I  want to accomplish this year and the date I want to accomplish them by. Then I branched off into a couple of categories,  one for each of them .And from each of these I branched out again to two sub categories. Each of these sub categories contains a halfway point of where I want to be with my accomplishments and the date. From there I branched out again to do daily steps. Confused yet? What I’m getting at is that if you break things down to a lesser degree, the more likely you are to continue on. I used a chart but I think using a calendar would be just as good.  It’s up to the individual.  

Flow Chart

Will this work? That remains to be seen. What I do know is that I am looking forward to this hopefully remarkable year with new eyes and a focus I never had before. The year is young but hey, I am giving it an all out effort. And I’ve made it past January 2nd.

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