Active Seniors Enter a New Era: Part 2

We are now well into the new year, and I hope that many of you are realizing new opportunities to engage your minds and reignite your former passions while even finding new ones. I shared in the previous article that it is quite possible to lead an active senior life. The renowned late U.S. president, Abraham Lincoln wisely said, “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” Your age should never dictate how vivacious of a life you lead. In fact, your golden years are perfect for the pursuit of numerous exciting activities you most likely never had sufficient time in the past to partake in and explore. A notable way of staying very active may be finally taking the step of opening your own business. For those who are possibly interested in stretching their entrepreneurial muscles, there are two outstanding local companies known as SCORE ( ) and REI Oklahoma ( ) that are always very eager to assist. Both of these companies help future entrepreneurs of all ages, specifically the 50+, by offering classes, programs, and mentors all for free. SCORE mentors know what it’s like to be a small business owner. They have a community of experienced entrepreneurs, corporate managers, and executives that are eager to help seniors start and grow their own businesses. Additionally, whether you are looking to start a new business or fund a startup or expansion, REI Oklahoma makes itself available to provide business guidance and plenty of information regarding how to gain access to sufficient start-up funds. They have done the groundwork for you and have located the necessary resources you would need to take those first steps. 

Another outlet for pursuing an active senior life would be participating in “The Oklahoma Senior Games” ( ) formerly known as the “Senior Olympics.” This is a huge coordinated event operating in every state, providing a variety of competitions in different categories from ages 50 to 100+ years old. “The Oklahoma Senior Games” allows you to be active mentally and physically by offering challenging aerobic and anaerobic exercises and sporting activities. These activities range from golfing, swimming, and weight lifting to less physical activities such as bowling, line dancing, croquet, cornhole, and pickleball. This is not just a casual, unchallenging event, but rather the participants advance through levels from preliminaries to district level and ultimately to nationals. This is a highly sponsored and supported event by groups such as OG&E, Archwell, Cigna, and The Oklahoma Senior Journal. This outstanding event provides extensive opportunities for networking and socialization for seniors. It is interesting to note that lifelong friendships have been spawned among participants during the course of such events. I strongly encourage you to check out “The Oklahoma Senior Games” because it provides such a wonderful opportunity to improve your health emotionally and physically. 

As much as you want to live an active senior life, it is also important to be prepared and have all your ducks in a row. Villages OKC ( ) is a wonderful nonprofit organization that connects seniors to valuable resources in the greater Oklahoma City area. One of the superb resources that they offer is a program known as “THE GIFT” which stands for Gathering-Information-For-Transition. Unfortunately, life is filled with unexpected events and situations that anyone could be easily caught off guard and unprepared for. Villages OKC asks the often uncomfortable question if you have a plan for the unexpected. For a reasonable yearly membership fee of $250, you can join their interactive workshop, “THE GIFT.” It will guide you through 12 key areas impacted by life-changing events such as a move, crisis, or any transition. This program provides 4 weekly 1.5-hour sessions that are conducted in safe, confidential, small-group forums led by professionals. These workshops elicit crucial information necessary to make quality and timely decisions to secure you and your family’s future. “THE GIFT” engages seniors with other seniors providing not only financial information and security, but also beneficial socialization and networking opportunities. VillagesOKC can also provide transportation to and from these activities. 

My greatest hope for everyone reading parts one and two of living an active senior life would be that you all would be open to at least one or more of these splendid opportunities to enrich and invigorate your life as a senior. There is no reason to let anything slow you down or inhibit you from accomplishing your dreams, achieving your goals, or expanding your horizons. As I have said before, you’ve only just begun!

Robin Gunn is the Publisher/Editor of the Oklahoma Senior Journal, Since 1993 and a columnist for the Oklahoman & a partner in the Second Half Expo / Life e-newsletter along with the on Air Host of The Rise & Shine OSJ Radio Hour on every Saturday @ 9:05am on 96.9FM The Eagle 🦅 (the Dave Ramsey Network!). Robin can be reached at: or call her at: (405) 816-7889.



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